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Beer Making Supplies

Maltose Express carries all the equipment, supplies and ingredients you need to make great beers right in your own home!


For home brewers we stock many beer making supplies and brewing supplies including 60 varieties of malted grain, 50 varieties of pellet hops and 20 varieties of flower hops and have over 1500 pounds of hops in stock for sale.

We carry all the Wyeast Labs liquid yeasts, some of the White Lab yeasts liquid yeasts and several varieties of dry yeasts as well, including Safale.
We carry dry malt extracts, liquid malt extracts, corn sugar, candi sugar in both rock candi form and liquid form, lactose, corn sugar, beer spices and everything else you might need to brew your next batch of beer.
We offer free introduction to home brewing classes many times during the year and give all grain brewing demos throughout the year.  We have been selling our Deluxe Home Brewers equipment kit for over 22 years and believe it is the best value for the beginning brewer in the country.
For the all grain brewers we will measure up your grain orders and crush them for you.
We have more that 450 clone and original recipes from around the world starting with our two books of clone recipes, “Clone Brews” and “Beer Captured”. Between them, these books contain 350 recipes from light Lagers to Barleywines, from Witbiers to the hoppiest of Imperial IPA’s. If there is a style of beer you would like to make, we have a recipe for you to brew a great beer in your own home.  All kits are available in extract with specialty grain, mini mash and all grain versions.
These recipes kits are for brewers who want to make beer that is similar to or better than the commercial beer you purchase.  All these kits are assembled with the finest ingredients and are true to their style.  We use over 60 types of grains, 50 types of liquid yeasts and 50 types of hops in these recipes to give you the best beer recipe kits in the country.  Some of our double IPA recipes have over 8 ounces of hops and up to 7 different varieties of hops in them.  We have brewed over 1000 beers during the past 23 years to tweak our recipes, some 3 or 4 times.  All the kits are available in extract, mini mash and all grain formats.

We also carry a full supply of home brew kegging and commercial kegging equipment and will help you with your particular kegging setup.






"Brewing Better Beer"
Master Lessons for Advanced Homebrewers
"Brewing with Wheat"
The Wit and Weizen of World Wheat Beer Styles. By Stan Hieronymus
"E-Z Cap" Brown Flip Top 1 Ltr (case of 12)
1 liter amber flip top bottles
"E-Z Cap" Brown Flip Top 500ml (case of 12)
Amber Flip Top 500ml bottles (case of 12)
"E-Z Cap" Clear Flip Top 500 ml (case of 12)
Clear Flip Top 500 ml bottles(case of 12)
"E-Z Cap" Colbalt Blue Flip Top 1 Ltr (case of 12)
Colbalt Blue Flip Top Bottles, 1 Ltr (case of 12)
"E-Z Cap" Colbalt Blue Flip Top 500ml (case of 12)
Colbalt Blue Flip Top 500ml Bottles (case of 12)
"Extreme Brewing: Deluxe Edition"
Sam Calagione s authoritative primer Extreme Brewing, long required reading...
"Fermonster" PET 6 gallon Wide Mouth Fermenter w/Lid
6-gallon Wide Mouth P.E.T. fermenter
"Fermonster" PET 7 gallon Wide Mouth Fermenter w/Lid
7-gallon Wide Mouth P.E.T. fermenter
"IPA: Brewing Techniques, Recipes and the Evolution of India Pale Ale"
IPA covers techniques from water treatment to hopping procedures.
"Strong Waters - A Sample Guide to Making Beer, Wine, Cider and Other Spirited Beverages at Home"
Discover the Many Rewards of Homemade Spirits Unique, Flavorful, Economical...
"The American Craft Beer Cookbook", by John Holl
155 Recipes from Your Favorite Brewpubs and Breweries
"The Brewer's Apprentice"
Drink up and pay homage to your favorite hobby craft brewing beer, ciders,...
"Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation"
By Chris White and Jamil Zainasheff
1 Gallon Beer Making Kit
1 Gallon Beer Making Equipment Kit (recipe ingredient kit(s) sold separately)
Maltose Express in Monroe Ct sells beer making supplies at our store and also online. We also sell gift certificates that can redeemed for brewing supplies either at our store in Monroe, Connecticut or online.