About Us

Maltose Express in Connecticut began doing business as a mail order home brewing supply company. We quickly generated a loyal local following and opened a retail outlet in January 1992. Maltose has moved twice since our humble beginnings and now conducts business out of a 7,000 square foot store in Monroe, Connecticut - which is the largest home beer and wine making supply store in Connecticut and possibly the East Coast. We pride ourselves on our customer service and on helping you make the best home brewed beer, homemade wine, hard cider, mead, soda, liqueurs, vinegars and cheese that you can. Hand crafting these homemade libations, vinegar and cheese at home are a rewarding and delicious hobby. Maltose Express is not only a retail store but we also like to think of ourselves as an educational facility always providing help, advice, guidance and classes to promote our hobby and our passion.

Owner/operated, Mark and Tess Szamatulski are always at the store helping their customers when they are not home writing books. The store is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday and during wine season seven days a week. Based on the experience from the homebrew stores and from recipe formulation of their clone brew kits, they opened Veracious Brewing Company in June 2015, which was named one of the top 33 new breweries in the USA in 2015.  It currently has 19 beers tap and won three medals in the 2018 GIBCC.
Grady and Lucy

When you enter our store you will be greeted by our two very friendly golden retrievers, "Grady" and "Miss Lucy". These employees are dedicated to making your shopping experience fun, as well as occupying your children while you are shopping! If you ever need to contact us when the store is closed all you have to do is send us email at

Beer Brewing Supplies:

Working with every customer on recipes led Mark and Tess to write two beer making books, Clone Brews 2nd Edition 200 Recipes for Commercial Beers (Storey Publishing) and Beer Captured 150 Recipes for World Class Beers (Maltose Press Publishing).   Between these books there are 350 recipes that are clones of commercial beers that you can make at home.  They developed these recipes by researching the beer, sampling the commercial beer, creating a recipe for the beer, then brewing the homebrew version and comparing it to the original commercial recipe.  The recipes are then tweaked and brewed again if necessary until they are satisfied with a clone of the commercial beer.   These kits allow homebrewers to brew beers within a style and then compare them to the original to make sure their technique is solid.  It is also a way to brew beers that you cannot get in your area or you can brew beers that are no longer available.  Maltose Express offers over 450 different beer kits to choose from all made from the finest ingredients that are true to the style.  Our recipes are available in grain/extract, mini mash and all-grain methods of making the beer.  Clone recipes have won many home brew contests, not only by Mark and Tess but by many brewers nationwide. There are always two beers on tap at our store so brewers can sample many different recipes throughout the year.  Maltose Express carries a full line of yeasts (Wyeast, White Labs, Danstar, Fermentis, Munton’s and Cooper’s), hops; pellets, whole, plugs and hop rhizomes, grains from all over the world, chemicals, additives, brew systems, Polarware pots , Bayou cookers and a lot more equipment for brewing .  We receive orders several times a week and our products are always fresh. 


Wine Making Supplies:

Our wine making business is constantly growing and evolving.  All year long we carry Mosti Modiale All Juice kits, Vino del Vida, Island Mist, Orchard Breezin, Cru Select, and many RJ Spagnols and Wine Expert kits.  Each spring we offer juice and grapes from Chile.  In the fall we bring in California grapes from Lodi, the Central Valley, Paso Robles, Clement Hills, Amador, Suisun Valley and Napa Valley, as well as fresh wine grape juice from Lodi and Italy.  We have a full line of yeasts from Scott Labs, Lalvin, Wyeast, Red Star and White Labs to ferment your must along with Wyeast and Scott labs malo-lactic bacteria, a full line of chemicals, adjuncts, grape crushers, presses, barrels, stainless steel variable capacity tanks and many other storage vessels such as carboys and demi-johns.  Please go to our blog for current events and the grape and juice order form.  We travel to California to survey the vineyards and to choose the best grapes for our customers.  We also offer beer and wine making classes, all grain brewing demonstrations, beer fault classes and wine tasting and appreciation classes.

Please visit our main web page see our blog, or for more information on the events schedule.