Belhaven Wee Heavy clone

Belhaven Wee Heavy clone
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ABV: 7.4%, IBU: 31


Belhaven Brewery, located thirty miles east of Edinburgh on the coast in Dunbar brews The cream of Scottish beer . It is the largest regional brewer in Scotland, the oldest surviving brewery in Scotland and one of the oldest in Britain. Tracing its history back to 1719 it was founded by Benedictine monks on land that was granted to them by King David the First of Scotland. These monks were famed brewers of ale. In the 16th century Belhaven ale was supplied to the Franco-Scottish army who were stationed at Dunbar castle. Today, we are as lucky as the troops were in the 16th century to still be drinking Belhaven beers! First brewed in Scotland in the 1800 s this svelte 90 shilling pours with a stunning creamy dark beige head that gently collapses into an amber beer with hints of a sunset over the moors. The powerful aroma of sweet malt and bread leads you to the complex palate brimming with sweet malt then roasted malt enters with just a hint of smoke. The finish echoes the palate, silky, smoky and sensual.

This clone recipe was created in 2000.

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