Hop Rhizomes

Hop Rhizomes


Seasonally available, these hop rhizomes are from the hop grower/supplier Freshops.  We usually start to get these hop rhizomes in mid March and have them for sale until late late May.


•Cascade       •Centennial       •Chinook       •CTZ          •Fuggle           •Galena

•Golding       •Mt. Hood         •Norther Brewer        •Nugget          •Willamette     

Each rhizome costs $5. When you purchase the rhizomes, they should be stored in a plastic bag slightly moistened and kept in a refrigerator until you are ready to plant them.


When planting, start the rhizomes in a peat pot with the buds pointed up, and then cover the buds with one inch of loose soil. Once the rhizome’s new growth is at least four (4) inches high you can plant the rhizome and peat pot outside. The soil should be tilled so that is rock and week free. A strong support system is needed for the plant to climb on. Look for space along fences, garage, or property lines. Plant outside in mid spring once the threat of frost is gone.


If you have multiple rhizomes, plant them in hills at least three (3) feet apart if the hills are of the same variety and five (5) feet apart if they are different varieties. The first year the hop plant requires frequent light watering. You will be able to harvest some hops the first season but there will be little hop oil in the flowers. By the second season you will be able to use your hops in your home brew.



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Hop Rhizomes from Freshops that can be planted and will grow hops for making beer.