Hevelius Kaper clone
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Extract w/Specialty Grains Recipe Kit
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All-Grain Recipe Kit, w/Crushed Grains
Ship with Lager Yeast -- Lager yeasts ferment at 42 to 52F, otherwise select the ale yeast option.
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ABV: 9.1%, IBU: 43


Hevelius Kaper is a very deceptive 9.1% abv brew. There is a stark white mountain of compact bubbles perched upon an elegant dark gold beer. The sublime aroma of sweet malt and alcohol gently assaults the nose. Breathe deeply and without even tasting, the aroma intoxicates. Close your eyes and slowly sip; your mouth is filled with rich, juicy malt, which leads to a contrasting dry after-taste. The flavor and the aftertaste are a wonderful combination. Hevelius Kaper's strong personality makes drinking it a unique experience.

This kit comes with two yeasts, one for primary fermentation and one that is added at the end of the secondary fermentation to ensure proper final gravity and bottle carbonation.

This clone recipe was created in 2000.

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