Alaskan Smoked Porter clone (1998)

Alaskan Smoked Porter clone (1998)
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ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 42

"When it started up in 1986 Alaskan Brewing became the 67th brewery in the United States and the only one in Alaska. Among its many award-winning beers, Alaskan Smoked Porter stands apart as one of the most prizewinning beers in the history of the Great American Beer Festival. The brewery s research of roasted malts used during the gold rush days found that the malts were roasted over fire. When a local salmon smoker described the process, the brewers decided to try smoking malt over alder wood. It gave great results. Alaskan Smoked Porter was first released in December 1988 and has been a hit ever since, released nowadays every fall. The tightly knit, dark-beige head sits on an ebony body. The nose first discovers the aromas of smoked grain, with roasted grain then making an entrance. This medium-bodied porter has a multifaceted flavor of smoked grain, fruity wood, and barbecue. The creamy texture of this beer fills the mouth with smoky goodness. If you like smoked aromas and flavors, you will love this unique beer from Alaska."

This clone recipe was created in 1998.

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