AK Original Bitter clone

AK Original Bitter clone
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ABV: 3.8%, IBU: 23

McMullen & Sons is Hertfordshire s oldest independent brewery, founded 1827 by Peter McMullen, a Cooper. It is owned today by his great, great, great grandson Fergus McMullen . The brewery is located 20 miles north of London. This Victorian Tower Brewery houses original oak and copper-lined fermenters still in use. It is built on the site of three wells. AK is shrouded in mystery and pre-dates the founding of the company. No one knows what AK stands for and there are no records of identity. Years ago a campaign was launched among older AK drinkers in McMullen pubs in an attempt to solve the mystery, but to no avail. One of the theories was that AK stands for Ale Keeper, the brewery worker who, in the 19th and early 20th centuries acted as a night watchman and kept guard over the fermenting beers. These ales are the oldest and most historic ales brewed in the UK. They are described as Hertfordshire Champagne . AK Bitter begins with an off white head sitting atop a dark gold beer. The aroma is one of malt, a definite yeast character with light fruit floral hops in back. Low in carbonation, it is gentle and smooth on the palate with sweet malt up front and then blossoms with fruit and delicate hops. There is a lovely balance of malt and hops. The finish is short and dry with a bitter aftertaste of orange peel and faint chocolate notes. This beer is a classic example of its style.

This clone recipe was created in 2000.

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