Tommyknocker Maple Nut Brown clone

Tommyknocker Maple Nut Brown clone
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ABV: 5.3%, IBU: 32

Tommyknockers are mythical little men who have died in the mines. Some miners believe that when they hear sounds in the mines (knocking), it is the Tommyknockers warning them of a cave in or even leading them to a pot of gold. On the label of their Maple Nut Brown Ale, a little bearded Tommyknocker is depicted pouring maple syrup from a nearby tree into a cask of beer. Tommyknocker pours into the glass with a beige whipped cream head that sits on a beautiful reddish maple brown beer. The clean, malty aroma with a hint of maple hovers over the head and makes its way to the nose. The first sip is light, sweet flavorful maple on the tongue immediately followed by a hop bitterness that tempers the sweetness. This leads to a rich smooth malty taste with hints of caramel and toffee. Complex and delicious Tommyknocker finishes with a semi-sweet maple palate, well-rounded and leaves the mouth coated with toasted grain and smoky maple. The maple syrup balances the nut flavor and the hopping is moderate so that each flavor in the beer can be discerned. This is a perfect beer for Autumn and Thanksgiving celebrations.

This clone recipe was created in 2000.

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