EKU Kulminator 28 clone

EKU Kulminator 28 clone
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ABV: 11.0%, IBU: 30

Brewing in the area surrounding Kulmbach began 3000 years ago. Franconian brewing tradition dates back to 1349. The first brewery was located in a monastery in the episcopate of Bamberg. There were more than 100 small breweries, but only four were export breweries. These four united. Since 1996 all Kulmbacher brands have been united under the Kulmbacher Brauerei. The water used for these beers is the same as Pilsen, from the Fichtelgebirge, a nearby mountain. The water is softened before brewing. Almost 100% of the malt comes from Kulmbach. Hops grown in the legendary Bavarian hop region the Holledau near Kulmbach are used in their beers. To enjoy Kulmbacher beers you can relax in the beautiful beer garden under the old chestnut trees and just watch life go by while enjoying some of Germany s best beers. All of the beers are brewed according to German purity law standards. EKU are the initials for the name of the brewery, Erste Kulmbacher Actienbrauerei and the number 28 stands for the degrees Plato. The alcohol varies in EKU 28. The range is approximately 11-13 % ABV. It is lagered for nine months in cold storage, (28-32 degrees , -2 to 0 C). This contributes to the incredible smoothness of this beer.

This kit comes with two yeasts, one for primary fermentation and one that is added at the end of the secondary fermentation to ensure proper final gravity and bottle carbonation.

This clone recipe was created in 2000.

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