Bieken clone
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ABV: 8.5%, IBU: 25

"The Boelen family has brewed Bieken for three generations. Their small artisan brewery opened in 1993 on the outskirts of St. Niklaas in East Flanders. Bieken means little bee . This is a true honey beer as depicted by the label with two honeybees posed on yellow honeycomb. Honey is an ancient ingredient in beer. In 868, at the Council of Worms, honey beers were reserved only for official holidays. The success of sugars in brewing impeded the use of honey, but honey has made a resurgence. Bieken has a thick- cushioned white head with some large bubbles sitting atop a slightly hazy, honey- colored beer. The aroma is one of clean, smooth honey. The palate is a canvas of honey, malt and fruit with splashes of spicy hops. Bieken is a well-crafted beer and provides the drinker with a unique taste experience."

This kit comes with two yeasts, one for primary fermentation and one that is added at the end of the secondary fermentation to ensure proper final gravity and bottle carbonation.

This clone recipe was created in 1998.

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